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When it comes to selecting a reliable China custom backpack manufacturer and factory, FEIMA stands out for its comprehensive offerings. From a variety of fabric options to customizable logo designs, we provide a range of choices and possibilities to meet your specific needs for backpacks used in travel, commuting, or school.

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ABOUT OUR Custom Backpack Manufacturer

We started in the backpack manufacturing business in 1995:
Pegasus Luggage Co., Ltd. was established in China. The company initially produced and exported travel bags, cosmetic bags, canvas bags and other products. When the company was established, it rented an office of 160 square meters and had only 5 employees. The company’s exports totaled US$2.1 million in the first year.

We have formed a strict management system integrating design, production, quality inspection and export. All products comply with Reach certification standards and all products support customization.
Multiple production lines produce over 200,000 bags per month
—Our development philosophy isThere is no best, only better.وڌيڪ سکو



Cloth cutting process of bag

Sewing process of bag

Special sewing by computer machine

Closing sewing for bags

Later thread trimming and checking quality

Final finished 2 times quality inspection will put in carton

Our Custom backpack manufacturing has received the trust of 1000+ companies

Relevant certifications for the manufacturing of our backpacks

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