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FEIMA BAG is a manufacturer of backpacks that combine innovative design and ultimate comfort.The campus series specially designed for students is lightweight and practical, meeting the daily needs of students while focusing on fashion elements. Feima bag insists on using high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to provide customers with durable and reliable school bags.

World of vibrant school bag designs tailored to various ages and preferences. At FEIMA BAG, a leading school bag factory in China, we prioritize high-quality printing to ensure patterns are crisp and visually appealing. Elevate your style with our extensive range of school bags, meeting the diverse tastes of students from different age groups.

Customized school bags with FEIMA BAG, a professional bag manufacturer and leading school bag factory. Collaborate with us to create tailor-made school bags for educational institutions, charities, and supermarkets. Benefit from our expertise in customization and mass production to meet the diverse needs of schools and organizations.

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ABOUT OUR Custom SHCOOL BAG Manufacturer

Feima bag has 23 years of experience in school bag manufacturing, and its production team is highly skilled to ensure that each school bag can withstand the test of the market.

  1. Comfortable fit
  2. Multifunctional storage
  3. Wear-resistant and durable
  4. Creative design
  5. Security protection

We can customize production according to your focusFoghlaim níos mó



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Our Custom SHCOOL BAG manufacturing has received the trust of 1000+ companies

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If you are looking for a school bag supplier, you may have some questions. Here is a guide to frequently asked questions about school bags or where you can find the answers.

1. What is a schoolbag?

A school bag is a backpack bag used to carry books, documents, stationery and other personal items. Usually made of hard-wearing materials such as nylon, canvas, or leather, and have multiple pockets and compartments for organized storage of different items. The schoolbag is designed to be carried on the back, distributing the weight through the shoulder straps, making carrying items more convenient and comfortable.

The main uses of schoolbags include students carrying teaching materials, stationery and school supplies, documents, computers, lunch boxes, water bottles, rain gear and other supplies. It is a common personal accessory. On the basis of meeting the functional requirements, the schoolbag also reflects individual taste and style.

The younger generation of students value the stylish design and lightweight performance of school bags. Some schoolbags are equipped with special functions, such as waterproof coating, USB charging port, reflective strips, etc., to meet the diverse needs of users. School bags play an important role in daily life, school, work and travel, becoming children’s indispensable life companions.

2. How to choose the appropriate schoolbag size?

School bags are important tools in children’s daily lives, and choosing the right size is very important.

As children’s bodies grow, they usually become more fragile. Ergonomics is not only to make children more comfortable, but also to better protect their bodies. The height of the backpack should not exceed the child’s shoulders, otherwise it may affect the child’s physical health when backpacking, which is extremely detrimental to physical development.

We measure the child’s back and choose the appropriate bag size based on the data obtained. We give the corresponding data chart as a reference.

An ergonomic school bag should sit 4 inches below the waist and 2 inches below the shoulders.

Children’s strength is relatively weak. When carrying an overweight schoolbag, children will lean forward to make up for the lack of strength, which can lead to shoulder injury or collapse. Research shows that about one-third of children aged 11 to 14 suffer from back pain.

An inappropriately sized backpack can also increase your child’s risk of falling while walking.

3. Why are schoolbag straps important?

Schoolbag straps are very important. They directly affect the comfort, stability and impact of the backpack on the body when worn for a long time. High-quality schoolbags should pay attention to the following designs:

  • Sufficient padding should be provided on the shoulders to slow down the impact on the shoulders.
  • Adjustable straps allow users to adjust according to individual body shapes and personal preferences, ensuring that the bag fits tightly against the body and does not slide or shake easily.
  • The design of the straps should ensure that the burden of the bag is evenly distributed on both shoulders rather than concentrated in one area. This helps prevent imbalance and pain caused by unilateral loading.
  • The straps can be designed with an anti-slip design to prevent the bag from sliding on your shoulders. This is very important for keeping your bag in place while walking or moving.

4. What types of school bags are there?

When it comes to common school bags for students, here are some common types:

School Backpack: The classic backpack is the most commonly used type of school bag among students. It provides enough capacity for carrying textbooks, stationery and other school supplies.

Kids Backpack: Small and lightweight, usually designed with cartoon or star images, specially designed for primary school students. This kind of school bag not only meets the learning needs, but also meets the children’s preference for cute appearance.

Laptop Backpack: Ideal for middle school and high school students, it has a dedicated computer compartment for convenient carrying of laptops.

Lightweight Backpack: Aimed at middle school and high school students, lightweight materials are used to reduce the overall weight.

Fashion Backpack: Suitable for teenagers and college students, the design is fashionable and personalized to reflect personal style.

5. Is the schoolbag waterproof?

Waterproof school bags usually use some special materials and treatments to ensure they provide better protection in humid environments. If you want to customize a waterproof school bag, you can indicate your plan in the contact. The following are some common waterproof school bag materials and waterproofing methods:

1) Waterproof Nylon: Waterproof nylon is a nylon material with a waterproof coating or membrane layer that can effectively prevent moisture penetration. This material is lightweight and durable and suitable for various types of school bags.

2) Thermoplastic Polyurethane Coating: TPU is an elastic, wear-resistant material often used in the production of waterproof school bags. TPU coating can form a waterproof layer on the surface of the material, providing excellent waterproof performance.

3) PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): PVC is a plastic material with excellent waterproof properties. However, some brands may choose to avoid using PVC due to environmental concerns.

4) Plastic film layer: In some cases in the past, the schoolbags we produced used a plastic film layer, such as polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride film, to form an effective waterproof barrier.

5) (Water-Resistant Coating): Some school bags use a water-resistant coating, which gives the surface of the material a certain degree of waterproof performance and can resist light rain and splashing water.

6) (Welded Seams): Some waterproof schoolbags use welding technology instead of traditional stitching technology to ensure that there are no gaps for moisture to penetrate.

7) (Polyester-Nylon Blend): Polyester-Nylon Blend is a material that combines polyester and nylon and can provide better waterproof performance.

  • Sealed zipper: Waterproof schoolbags are usually equipped with sealed zippers to prevent rainwater from penetrating inside through the gaps in the zipper.

6.How long is the lifespan of a schoolbag?

The lifespan of a school bag depends on several factors, including build quality, frequency of use, care and material selection. During the manufacturing process, a high-quality school bag manufacturer will use multiple quality inspections to ensure that there are no sewing quality problems.

If you emphasize the durability of your school bag, we will recommend you to use high-quality, wear-resistant, and waterproof materials in material selection. School bags are usually more durable. Durable materials like nylon, polyester, oxford, etc. perform well in extending lifespan.

7. Are there professional customized schoolbag services?

Yes, many school bag manufacturers offer custom school bag manufacturing services. You can choose the color, material, size, etc. to get a unique school bag that meets your individual needs. Just provide your ideas and let us do the rest of the planning.

8. How much does a schoolbag cost?

Here we will not discuss the selling price of schoolbags and stationery stores and the sales price of schoolbags online. Each seller’s cost and sales premium are different. But no matter which sales channel, the price of schoolbag manufacturers is always the lowest, especially Chinese schoolbag manufacturers. Chinese schoolbag manufacturers have stable labor resources, relatively low wages and better technical training as support. Most of feima bag’s employees are skilled workers who have worked in the backpack industry for many years. They have extensive experience and passion for their work.

The production of schoolbags actually requires the participation of a variety of raw materials. Such as zippers, various fabrics, filling sponges, etc. feima bag’s professional purchasing team and stable raw material supply chain will purchase the most appropriate raw materials based on your budget and product needs, ultimately ensuring that the most competitively priced schoolbags are manufactured for you.

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