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Backpack straps are an important part of backpacking materials, and their quality directly affects people’s physical comfort while backpacking. In this article, we will introduce the main types of backpack straps, structure, material and practical accessories to help you fully understand the knowledge of backpack straps.

1.Types of backpack straps

There are four types of backpack straps:

1.1 Drawstring backpack straps: Drawstring backpack straps provide personalized shoulder support and comfort through adjustable cords or webbing. This design of backpack straps is usually used for outdoor backpacks, sports bags or everyday backpacks and is only suitable for smaller loads

1.2 Single-shoulder backpack straps: Single-shoulder bags are mostly used for cycling backpacks, traveling backpacks and some other sports backpacks, this backpack strap design makes it easy and stress-free to carry, however, the disadvantages are also obvious, due to the fact that there is only one shoulder strap, the weight of the backpack all falls on one side of the shoulders, which in the long run will easily lead to undesirable body posture such as high and low shoulders.

1.3 Double-shoulder backpack straps: double-shoulder back is currently the most widely used on the backpack on a backpack, whether it is a student backpack, commuter backpack, laptop backpack or diaper backpack, have adopted such a strategy, so that the backpacker’s shoulders load balanced, so that it is less likely to cause damage to the shoulder and back muscles.

1.4. Dual Backpack Shoulder Straps + Backpack Chest Strap + Backpack Waist Belt: The shoulder strap types of dual backpack shoulder straps, backpack chest straps, and backpack waist belt are mainly used in mountaineering backpacks and hiking backpacks, which require a high level of harness system due to the abundance of materials needed for mountaineering or hiking.

The main function of the chest strap is to adjust the spreading distance of the double shoulder straps to enhance the stability of the backpack and facilitate breathing. The waist belt is the part of the backpack that carries the weight. It usually consists of a lumbar pad and a waist belt designed to be removable, and the waist belt is fixed to the bottom of the backpack with a nylon patch, which can be adjusted up and down to find the most suitable position after it is removed.

The chest belt and waist belt can make the center of gravity of the backpack focus on the position close to the back, the burden of the backpacker will be smaller and more relaxed, and at the same time, it can also avoid the back and forth shaking of the backpack during the hiking process.

2.Material of backpack shoulder straps

2.1 Backpack shoulder strap fabrics: backpack shoulder straps are generally made of nylon or polyester, nylon is lighter than polyester, with better abrasion resistance, load bearing and waterproofing, and the cost of polyester fabric is lower than that of nylon, so professional outdoor backpacks usually choose nylon fabric shoulder straps, while ordinary backpacks can only choose low-cost polyester fabric shoulder straps.

Customized backpack fabrics

2.2 Backpack strap pads: Backpack pads exist on the inside of the shoulder straps and on the outside of the backpacker’s body. The backpack pads on the inside of the shoulder straps are made of foam, which can release the load pressure on the shoulders, neck and back of the human body, and the foam on the surface of the shoulder straps is mostly a three-dimensional mesh cotton with a large number of holes, which is designed to make the shoulder straps breathe and absorb perspiration and at the same time release the pressure on the back to relieve the muscles.

2.3 Backpack Strap Adjuster: The backpack strap adjuster is usually used on the external system of the backpack or used with the non-adjustable buckle. The backpack strap adjuster can help to adjust the whole length of the shoulder straps, thus playing the role of adjustment. After adjustment, the backpack can fit people of different body sizes.

2.4 Light Reflective Strip: In order to ensure the safety of backpackers at night, many backpack straps are now designed with reflective strips. In the dark night, the reflective strips start to work, which will make the driver easily notice the backpackers walking on the road and make sure not to be hit by the car. In addition, if you get lost with your partner on the way of hiking, reflective strips will also make you find each other easily.

3.How to choose the right backpack shoulder straps for you?

3.1 Comfortable material: If you often need to carry very heavy items, make sure you choose thicker shoulder straps. Just feel the thickness of the shoulder straps. The thicker the straps are, the more relaxed you feel when carrying your backpack. It’s even better if the shoulder straps have three-dimensional breathable bubble cotton.

3.2 Balance and stability when traveling with the backpack: Ergonomic shoulder straps are generally three-dimensional S-curve, so that the shoulder straps fit the body curves and make the shoulders more relaxed, and the two shoulder straps can be easily adjusted to the same length, so that the shoulders can bear an even weight and reduce the burden on the shoulders effectively.

3.3 Additional Functions :At present, many backpack manufacturers have developed a lot of additional functions on the backpack shoulder straps, and some practical designs and tools on the shoulder straps can help your shoulder straps play a bigger role.

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